The Team Behind the Ministry



Executive Director & Founder

"From our beginning the vision of AABS has been to expand the training of church leaders and lay persons in such a way that it will reach many more men and women in many more places than could possibly be trained at campus based Bible colleges alone. We envisioned that this training would increase exponentially if it were made available “on-site”, that is, in the local churches and communities across Africa and beyond. We anticipate accomplishing our vision through provision of Biblical curriculum and other resources to thousands of African owned and operated Bible schools across their continent, assisting them in their goal to effectively train leaders and disciple believers."


Board Member
Board Chairman

"AABS represents a tangible mission effort that is more than evangelizing souls in a distant continent. It represents an ongoing training ministry that allows individuals to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Providing training and educational materials to Bible  schools throughout Africa is a ministry that multiplies itself. Africa is faced with political, spiritual and economic challenges that are ongoing. AABS shines the light of Christ into that part of God’s world. It is a wonderful thing to be able to support Pastor J.C. and Lois’ ongoing vision to bring Christ to the world."



"I’m grateful to be part of this ministry that is filling such a need for our African brothers and sisters.  I appreciate the solid, Biblical foundation the curriculum gives the students, and the emphasis on the unity of believers."



Board Member

Director of Development

"When I look back on my life with my parental heritage and training, it is clear how crucial it was to have a faith community to which to belong and pastors who opened the Scripture to me. I have a “want to” within to provide the same for others.  AABS’s vision to make Biblical training available in the local church from a pastor who is loved and trusted can only produce good results.  I am glad to be part of the out working of God’s grace.  We who have so much can only rejoice when we are able to share what we have for the spiritual benefit and training of those who do not."


Board Member

“My wife and I have been involved with JC and Lois Ebersole and the ministry in Ghana since they first went to Africa in 2003. Ruth Ann served on the MST as the children's representative, so we have watched as the ministry has grown and changed  over the years. When JC  and Lois informed us that they wanted to make AABS an independent ministry with a vision of making Bible based training affordable and available to church leaders in rural areas, we agreed with that vision. JC asked if I would be willing to serve on the board of this new venture--I agreed. It has been a blessing to be a part of this mission, and my prayer is that God's kingdom will be advanced as His leaders are trained for the ministry they are called to do.”


Board Advisory Member

"It's exciting to be a part of a ministry that is spreading God's Word and Truth to the nations of Africa."


Board Member

"I appreciate JC’s heart for the church in Africa and his commitment to them as a brother in Christ and lifetime friend in partnership with them.  I’m excited to see the progress he and AABS is making in raising up national leaders to help AABS break ground into more countries in Africa.  This expansion will give more people—hundreds and eventually thousands—the priceless gift of accessible and affordable Biblical education across the continent.  It’s a gift that will help grow churches, plant churches, and strengthen the Church’s witness to the lost!"


Board Members

"Our first exposure to AABS was in 2005 when we spent four months in Ghana working on an orphanage construction project with Agape Gospel Mission.  During our time there we were exposed to Agape’s vision to provide Bible training materials through AABS to African pastors with a heart to teach the Word of God to the people in their villages.  In the years since then we’ve appreciated JC and Lois’s commitment to furthering the work of Africa Association of Bible Schools and are happy to be involved by serving on the board."


Board Member

"I first learned about AABS in 2017, and I was impressed with this effective way of providing biblical resources for independently-owned Bible Schools throughout Africa.  What a great way to help train church leaders in their home communities and to support and encourage them in their ministry.  I’m glad to be part of AABS."