October, 2020

Thank God for Randy Martin’s willingness to collaborate with AABS and work with church leaders in Kenya to set up Bible Training Centers. Randy is a missionary serving in Kenya and a friend of JC Ebersole.


Thank God for the open doors He has given us in Uganda, Botswana, and now Kenya, as well as in the countries of West Africa, where AABS has been for quite some time.


Pray for God’s blessing on the ongoing preparations for the Leaders’ Summit with all AABS African Staff to be held in late October. It will convene on a virtual platform this year. Pray for strong internet connections for the 9 participants from 7 countries.


Pray for heavenly things first and most. Seek earthly things in the second place — the one absolutely, the other conditionally.

                                                                                                        – William Dyer                                                                          

@2020 Friends of AABS          All rights reserved

@2020 Friends of AABS          All rights reserved