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Bible Schools in Africa, click the link below to go to the site for Africa Association of Bible schools for membership information 
Welcome to Africa Association of Bible School (

1. Purposes of the All-nations Association of Bible Schools:


  • To fulfill the Great Commission which requires us to teach the nations to obey all things Christ has commanded us (Matthew 28:20);

  • To promote systematic study of God’s Word;

  • To provide resources and guidance to churches and ministries helping them to accomplish the above two goals at the local level through the means of establishing Bible Schools;

  • To strengthen the ministry of Bible Schools around the world by uniting together and sharing knowledge, materials, and experience. This will increase our effectiveness in teaching believers and training Ministers for the work of God’s Kingdom;

  • To facilitate a voluntary association of likeminded independent Bible Schools around the world for the accomplishment of the purposes stated above.


2. Methodology:


            AABS will make all curriculum approved by the Executive Director available to churches and ministries affiliated with AABS who are currently operating or will launch a Bible School. (These materials are also available for purchase by ministries or individuals who wish to use them for God’s purposes.) Bible Schools will enter into an agreement with AABS to affiliate with her. AABS will provide guidance and additional resources for schools to establish and run their programs. There is a required standard of knowledge for all students enrolled in AABS-affiliated schools. Students who qualify from these schools will receive a certificate, advanced certificate, diploma or advanced diploma endorsed by AABS.loma endorsed by AABS.

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