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Testimonies of what God is doing through AABS

“The first three assistant pastors that we brought in from outside our group of churches did very poorly for us.  Each of them soon showed serious character deficiencies.  We began to perceive that we must train our own pastors. So we started a Church Based Bible School with the help of Africa Association of Bible Schools.  We are now delighted with the results.  Six of the eight graduates from our recent class are called to be pastors and will serve in our churches.  The remaining two graduates are deaconesses in our churches.”              -Given by a board chairman of a Bible school in Ghana

“Sir, on behalf of the lecturers and students, I wish to commend AABS for the curriculum you provide. There is so much that can be said about the rich content of the material. Its depth of knowledge or information is outstanding. Some of the lecturers testified there was more to learn in your courses than what they learned at their Bible schools. As a result, they have frequently requested to keep the course materials for their personal study.” -From a Bible academy in Ghana

Since we started our Bible school using the AABS curriculum, our church has developed a deeper interest in the study of God's word than at other times. The material and structure of the classes has given us the blessing that students are motivated to work hard to receive their diploma. On the other hand, the formation of leaders is extremely effective since the students have grown spiritually and ministerially. For this year our leaders are already moving on to the second book and the vision of the church is advanced through the spiritual growth of our teams. GOD BLESS AABS for blessing us with your support! -MMR Bible Institute , Costa Rica

Testimonies from Ghana

“Greetings. I am glad that now I have the AABS curriculum with me. I have been reading through the volume on Christian Life addressing the issue of Christian Character. This is exactly what our leaders need. We need this badly my brother. Materials are easy to follow and communicable. Just love it so much. I do not regret that I met and that we can partner to do such great work of equipping leaders in Africa. I am available for this my brother.” – Dr. James Tembula, Kenya

“As a Bible School director and living in a village community, where Bible schools are hundreds of kilometers away and where cost of schooling in these Bible schools are a disincentive to many, to have access to theological courses within our door step is a big miracle and a relief. It strengthens our faith, and offers us the opportunity to train our church members for the local church. Currently, about 98% of the students are workers, yet they make time for the course due purposely to its proximity and cost effectiveness. Thanks to AABS, we have this advantage.”  – Director of Blessed Lamb Ministerial Academy, Ghana

“Unequivocally, I can say that our affiliation with AABS means everything we have been praying and longing to have in a Bible school.  The teaching resources have not only helped in imparting and expanding the knowledge of our students, but have also been transforming lives.  Happily, I give all thanks to our dear Lord, who ordered my steps to this unique, life transforming and unity promoting association, whose vision, I believe, was given to benefit no other person but me, and for no other reason than to satisfy my hunger to establish a life changing Bible school in our church.  Finally, I pray that God, Who has used AABS and their timely selected teaching resources to be a blessing to both our school and church, will keep on blessing everyone who is involved in transforming this dream into reality.”  – Director of Elim Bible Institute, Nigeria

Greetings to everyone. My name is Jacob Napiri and I serve as a pastor and evangelist with the Blessed Lamb Outreach Ministry in northern Ghana.  In the year 2007 I received a divine call into God’s ministry, which I obeyed with gladness. That very year I started a Christian fellowship meeting in my home village, where there was no church at all. In time it became a church and began to spread to other villages, which I supervised. Because of this I decided to attend a Bible school, but unfortunately I could not complete it due to the need for a dedicated pastor to oversee these new churches.

So I withdrew from the school to shepherd them.  Later I enrolled with the Blessed Lamb Ministerial Academy (BLMA), a member school of the Africa Association of Bible Schools (AABS). BLMA is under the leadership of my Senior Pastor, Rev Peter Bugri. This school is very flexible to attend and affords me enough time to continue overseeing the village churches. In 2017 I graduated from BLMA with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. I was so glad to study with this school and learned so much about missions and ministry! Courses such as Knowing God, World Missions, Church Planting, Practical Discipleship, Pastoral Counseling, Church Growth and Revival and many others really opened my eyes and granted me much insight to do ministry.

By the grace of God I have also been called by my Senior Pastor to teach at our Bible Academy, which I am joyfully doing. Currently I also oversee about 30 churches in numerous villages for the Blessed Lamb Outreach Ministry. This is all to the glory of God and Jesus Christ my Lord!

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