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  • Each school is required to complete an application form 

  • Schools will pay an affiliation fee to join the Association. The affiliation fee may be increased at any time;

  • Schools will agree to the AABS statement of faith

  • Schools will not deviate from the doctrine of the materials provided by AABS;

  • Schools will use the courses provided by AABS and not substitute their own courses in place of these;

  • Schools will be responsible to prepare and administer course examinations at the close of each course. The exam questions must be taken from the list of possible questions in the approved courses. Each school shall write high quality exam questions for any courses approved by AABS that have no supplied questions;

  • Schools will keep records of all students enrolled in their school, including accurate attendance records and exam results. Before AABS issues any certificates or diplomas they will request to see the attendance records and exam results of the students requesting these documents;

  • Schools will collect the certificate or diploma fee from each graduating student according to the current fee amount, and pay to AABS before any documents are issued.  Each school is responsible to arrange their means to obtain these documents from AABS;

  • Schools will certify the honesty and integrity of their exam results and attendance records.

Responsibilities of Students

  • Students enrolled at these schools must maintain a biblical standard of conduct attested by the pastoral staff of his/her church;

  • Students must be present in class 60% or more of the time;

  • Students must pass their examinations with a grade of 60% or higher;

  • Students must earn 85% or more credits out of the total credits for the courses approved by the Executive Director;

  • Students must pay the certificate, advanced certificate, diploma and advanced diploma fee before these documents are issued;

  • Students must be able to read and write in English or their national/native language to qualify for a certificate or diploma issued by AABS. (Schools are encouraged to award a certificate of attendance to students who cannot read or write, but who meet the attendance requirements. This certificate can be obtained from AABS.)

Responsibilities of Member Schools

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